Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Greetings, Peons

So I probably should have done this in my first post but I'm going to introduce myself briefly in this one. For starters, my name is Anthony and I'm currently in High School. I'm living near Las Vegas, Nevada. And no, it's not all that great to be honest. I'm a normal person, I suppose. Most of my time is spent playing games on the PC (screw consoles) and listening to music while I play those games. I'
m into any type of games really, sci-fi, MOBAs, FPS', anything that captures my attention, really. Same with my music except I don't enjoy polka cause let's be honest, who does?
I also enjoy watching tons and tons of movies online (free), even new releases. I'm that cool. I suppose if you want to know where I watch my free movies, leave a comment and I can tell you. Anything else you want to know, just ask.

School's In

Now that school's back in it's brought me back to reality. I'm not that intelligent, you see, and constantly do sub-par in school but this year I'm gonna get everything back on track. It's always been my opinion that a grade (A, B, C, etc,.) is not an accurate representation of someones level of intelligence, but I digress.
A few blog updates will include some important things that happen during my school life but I'll try not to bore you with such trivial matters. Stay tuned?

The Start of my Blog

Welcome to my blog where I'll be posting thoughts and comments on things that go down. Also, video games.